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David Carpency, E.I.T.

David Carpency is a Chemical Engineer in the Specialty Engineering Group at KnightHawk Engineering, Inc. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with his BS in Chemical Engineering. Following his passion for process safety, David has earned his safety certificate from the esteemed Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center. As an Engineer-In-Training, his goals of taking on greater challenges at an aggressive pace will lead him to become a licensed Professional Engineer. With an innate talent for rapid learning and understanding processes/material, David is extremely adaptable to unusual demands and has found his way into many of KnightHawk Engineering’s more obscure and difficult projects. He has been involved in operating full-scale reactors, designing lab experiments, constructing gas control boards, and overseeing the safety operations in all these tasks. Also, David is a leading professional in technical communications, presenting thermodynamic and process simulation models to clients, in addition to crafting and reviewing proposals and publications.

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