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Engineer's Dialogue

A Conversation Between Professionals

About Engineer's Dialogue

KnightHawk Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of Engineer’s Dialogue. Engineer’s Dialogue will be a series of articles detailing complex topics in engineering, industry life, and multi-discipline problem solving. We will shed light on working the issues under aggressive time constraints when the cost of shut down effects the bottom line. Our aim is to provide content that is not only beneficial, but also furthers industry knowledge for all positions in the professional atmosphere, especially appreciated by engineers.

Who is KnightHawk Engineering?

KnightHawk Engineering, Inc. is a technology-based specialty engineering company that performs consulting, field services, and testing worldwide. KnightHawk’s success lies in our multi-discipline integrated systems approach to problem solving. This same approach has taken us around the world, across many industries to solve some of the most complex problems and failures companies face.

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