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Michael Hoerner, Ph.D., P.E. Laboratory Director

Michael is the Laboratory Director for the KnightHawk Engineering Materials Lab (K.M.L.). He has a passion for failure analysis and always pushes to provide the highest level of insight to his clients in the most time-sensitive and economically achievable way possible. Michael defended his Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in January of 2018. As the K.M.L. Laboratory Director, he oversees every materials investigation performed by K.M.L. and supports the work of KnightHawk Engineering (K.H.E.) when materials expertise is required. Additionally, Michael interfaces with clients and other experts to understand the actual needs of a given situation and to support significant projects as necessary. Michael’s Ph.D. work focused on computational investigations of solute-grain boundary interactions in the atomic scale of F.C.C. Fe (austenite). This work was combined with coursework and teaching assistant assignments in traditional physical metallurgy, including significant work in the areas of failure analysis, casting and forging, strengthening mechanisms, kinetics, and thermodynamics. His undergraduate degree was in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Micro and Nano-Technology. This combination of experience has provided Michael with a robust multidisciplinary background from which he can draw expertise from multiple fields to solve complex problems.

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