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KnightHawk Engineering is a specialty engineering company that can address all the physics of a problem in a short time. Knighthawk is the name industries depend on when the most critical failures happen. At Knighthawk, we know that a solution too late, is no solution at all.

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA):

is a systematic way of reviewing all the evidence from a failure in order to determine the root cause of the failure. KnightHawk “multidiscipline approach” to solving (RCFA) problems is accomplishes by utilizing: Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis, On-Site investigation, Mechanical Forensics, ASME Code Compliance, Metallurgical and Corrosion Analysis, and years of industry experience. Throughout the years, KnightHawk has performed (RCFA) on virtually all types of static and rotating equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, high pressure and temperature vessels, reactors, turbines, compressors, pumps, boilers, furnaces, tanks, grinders and piping systems. We have a complete multidiscipline capability to perform virtually any engineering related failure mode analysis.

Fitness for Service (FFS)

Fitness For Service utilizes a multidisciplinary engineering approach to evaluate, analyses and determine if a given piece of equipment is “fit” to 1) continue in operation, 2) needs to be repaired, or 3) needs to be completely replaced. KnightHawk has performed many (FFS) projects over the years, a few examples include: Distillation Towers, Transfer Line Exchangers, Expansion Joints, Process Piping, Pressure Vessels and Furnace Tubes.

Customized Testing

While KnightHawk does offers both destructive and nondestructive testing, for virtually all types of equipment, we are most proud our ability to offer specific customized testing for our clients needs. KnightHawk has envisioned, designed, built and preformed the actual test for our clients when other companies said it could not be done. No matter how difficult a test may sound, KnightHawk has a team of engineers with “Out of the Box” ideas to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Numerical Analysis (CFD and FEA)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) uses physics and applied mathematics in combination with computational computer software to illustrate and analyze the flow of liquid or gas. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) uses computerized stress analysis to evaluate and analyze an object, product or material’s reaction to stress, thus predicting how the object, product or material would respond in the real world. This allows engineers to detect weaknesses in the design and allows us to see how a given design would react to fatigue/ vibrations/ heat and mass transfer. KnightHawk has led the way on utilizing complex (FEA) and (CFD) Numerical Analysis to solve some of industries most challenging failures and problems.

Field Services

KnightHawk specializes in providing field services support for all of your engineering efforts, whether performed in house or contracted out to us. We have high speed data collection equipment for process and structural dynamic analysis as well as channel analyzer capabilities for detection of harmonics and acoustics. KnightHawk’s field service personnel have extensive experience both in data collection and in troubleshooting equipment problems and failures. We have assembled an extensive set of data acquisition equipment that complements the skills of our field service personnel, who work closely with plant personnel to minimize interference with operations. A few of our specialty areas include, vibration detection (structural and rotating), acoustics analysis, process analysis, controls and instrumentation.

Product Design

KnightHawk Engineering’s Product Design Group is dedicated to offering best-in-class engineering and specialty design services. By working closely with our clients, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large OEMs and service providers, KnightHawk is able to offer high-level support through the entire product lifecycle, from conceptualization to prototype development, testing and installation. Our Product Design Group specializes in heavy industrial equipment design for use in the offshore and onshore drilling and completions industry. Other industries served include power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, construction, and aerospace to name a few. Our Product Design Group applies first-class engineering expertise, obtained through decades of industry experience with failure analysis and troubleshooting of major equipment. By utilizing industry leading FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, we can ensure optimized design and performance of our clients’ products, so that they may serve as a benchmark for others to follow.

Machine Design

KnightHawk has designed many custom pieces of equipment for clients searching for products to meet their production or maintenance needs. Examples include but limited to a centrifugal compressor impellers, axial compressor blades, tool jigs for machining processes, specialized cleaning equipment for maintenance purposes, valves for special applications, machinery components, and nozzles and mixers for production applications.

Forensic Engineering

While our primary focus is to provide engineering services to our clients, KnightHawk also offers engineering expert witness evaluations and testimony in complex cases involving engineering failures. We provide consulting and Forensic Engineering services in many industries including petrochemical, offshore, aerospace, marine, automotive, rail, and nuclear. We have broad based experience in multi-million-dollar litigation involving high profile catastrophes. Although providing expert witness services is not our primary business, we feel that fact only enhances our credibility and proves our experts more resistant to accusations of results-based testimony.

In addition, KnightHawk provides a wide range of technical services and evaluation methods to the intellectual property market. KnightHawk's experts possess the experience and knowledge to evaluate a product for patent licensing, or alternately, for patent infringement. KnightHawk can build and test prototypes, provide assistance with claims for the defense of or against propriety rights, or develop documentation on how and why technology is innovative.


KnightHawk Engineering is a specialty engineering company that can address all the physics of a problem in a short time. Knighthawk is the name industries depend on when the most critical failures happen. At Knighthawk, we know that a solution too late, is no solution at all.

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