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KnightHawk Industries Served

KnightHawk provides outstanding expertise to the industries we serve. Click on your industry to learn more or call us and see how our multi-discipline approach will solve your engineering problems.

We deliver complete solutions to demanding engineering problems within the following industries:

Aerospace Failure Analysis

KnightHawk provides high-end engineering services to the defense, aviation, and space industries. Our services include independent audits, failure analysis, field services, engineering, and testing. Our integrated systems approach is ideal for these industries and provides our clients with the best possible solutions.

Services : 
  • Independent Audits
  • Failure Analysis
  • Field Services
  • Engineering
  • Testing

Automotive Failure Analysis

KnightHawk offers the most advanced techniques and analysis methodologies to the transportation industry. We perform design and performance analysis, vehicle dynamics studies, failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and vehicle testing on all vehicle types including automobiles, tractor trailers, motorcycles, and sport utility vehicles, as well as construction, off-road and utility equipment.

Services : 
  • Independent Audits
  • Failure Analysis
  • Field Services
  • Engineering
  • Testing

Engineering Forensics

KnightHawk also offers engineering forensics services which consist of utilizing design, analysis, research, testing or troubleshooting in support of legal proceedings. More specifically, we can determine how equipment will or should perform under the operating conditions applied and can identify alternate designs to achieve similar results.

Medical Device Design Services

KnightHawk helps clients to design, test, and evaluate regulatory compliance for technologies and products in the medical devices industry. We aid our clients in identifying possible deficiencies and developing sound solutions. We can also provide technical and scientific expertise in the event of a failure.

Offshore Design Review & Failure Analysis

KnightHawk performs design, failure analysis, and troubleshooting for the offshore drilling and production industry. A few of the many services we provide to the offshore Industry are as follows:

• Rotating Equipment Design
• Blowout Preventer Design
• Riser Design
• Structural Dynamics Analysis
• Moon Pool Centralizer Design
• Subsea Equipment Design

Some example projects of our work include Riser Design and Analysis, resolving liquids carry over problems with offshore production compressors, the design of piping systems for production platforms, failure analysis on compressor wrecks and engine failures, and analysis of pressure vessels used for storage and production facilities.

Petrochemical Services

The foundation and roots of KnightHawk lie within the petrochemical field. Our integrated systems approach has proven to be one of the most effective methodologies for solving complex problems in the industry. Whether it is pressure vessel design, heat exchanger design, rotating equipment problems, heat and mass transfer, failure analysis, or troubleshooting, KnightHawk, with its multidiscipline approach, considers the mechanical, process, materials, controls, instrumentation, and electrical sides of the problem. Our staff has experience working for major companies in the petrochemical industry including Dow, Exxon, Dresser Rand, and Total, as well as many others.

Power Generation Failure Analysis

KnightHawk has executed many projects for both nuclear and fossil-fired power plants. Projects include design, failure analysis, and troubleshooting of static and rotating equipment. Please review the case studies page to examine samples of our work.

Rail Failure Analysis

KnightHawk has performed failure analysis and design for railcars used for transporting industrial products. Our rail experience also includes cross-country data collection, impact testing, failure analysis, and structural design services.

Marine Failure Analysis

KnightHawk performs troubleshooting and failure analysis on many marine applications. We can solve problems dealing with diesel and turbine drive systems, shaft and gearbox equipment, vibration associated with bearings, and balance and structural resonance. In addition, we conduct design, failure analysis and troubleshooting for loading, storage, and materials handling equipment, including cranes and lifts, bulk containers and storage tanks, conveyor systems, tow motors, fork-lifts, and tractor-trailer equipment.

Research & Development

KnightHawk has performed research and development projects for clients in many diverse markets. Our experience and integrated systems approach allows us to thoroughly execute the R&D process. Our numerical methods process is unmatched in accurately assessing a design's abilities to meet any process condition that can be defined.


KnightHawk Engineering is a specialty engineering company that can address all the physics of a problem in a short time. Knighthawk is the name industries depend on when the most critical failures happen. At Knighthawk, we know that a solution too late, is no solution at all.

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