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Cliff Knight, P.E.
Cliff Knight, P.E.President, Chief Engineer
Nathan Knight
Nathan KnightVice President
Aaron Knight
Aaron KnightMechanical Engineer
Chris Creech
Chris CreechChief Operating Officer
Linda Robinson, P.E.
Linda Robinson, P.E.Assistant Chief Engineer
Michael Hoerner, Ph.D., P.E.
Michael Hoerner, Ph.D., P.E.Laboratory Director for the KnightHawk Engineering Materials Lab
Kobus Stadler, Pr Eng
Kobus Stadler, Pr EngSenior Mechanical Consultant
Dr. Carlos Corleto, P.E.
Dr. Carlos Corleto, P.E.Senior Mechanical Consultant
Ian Garza, P.E.
Ian Garza, P.E.Mechanical Engineer
Darlene Walker
Darlene WalkerOffice Manager
David Carpency, E.I.T.
David Carpency, E.I.T.Process and Chemical Engineer
JB Gious, Ph.D.
JB Gious, Ph.D.Lab Director and Sr. Metallurgical and Materials Engineer
Kenny Williams
Kenny WilliamsSenior Specialist
Lee Hill, Ph.D.
Lee Hill, Ph.D.Senior Mechanical Consultant
Michael Chiu, Ph.D.
Michael Chiu, Ph.D.Senior Mechanical Consultant
Narendra Gupta
Narendra GuptaMechanical Advisor
Oleg Barsky, P.E.
Oleg Barsky, P.E.Senior Mechanical Consultant
Pooja Sheth
Pooja ShethSr. Metallurgical and Materials Engineer
Yang Gao, Ph.D.
Yang Gao, Ph.D.Senior Mechanical Consultant
Jerry Wong, Ph.D.
Jerry Wong, Ph.D.Senior Mechanical Advisor

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